Month: February 2020

Questions to ask yourself before booking a villa in Mykonos

A Mykonos villa vacation is a dream that many people from all over the world share and one that thousands of people make true each summer. Mykonos villas are known all over the world for their extravagant luxury and their uniqueness since they are designed in a way that allows them to be modern while blending in with the traditional design of the island’s iconic little houses. Those are the main reasons why billionaires and stars from all over the world stay in those villas for their summer vacation and why in turn people wanting to get a taste of the good life dream of spending a few days there.

Thanks to the numerous property management agencies operating on the island, finding the right Mykonos villa is no longer a difficult task, provided of course that one starts to look early because the closer summer gets, the higher the demand for villas. There are however some things that one should ask themselves before actually booking a villa. Let’s see what they are!  

Did I read the fine print?

Booking a villa is essentially like signing a contract and contracts tend to have “hidden” terms and conditions, the so called fine print. Take your time and read carefully all literature accompanying your booking. Make sure that you understand what’s included in the price and what’s not and what you can and can’t do while in the property. Remember that you can’t take back the agreement without losing your deposit or part of it, so make sure that you are absolutely fine with every term.

Is the villa big enough?

Villas are big, that’s their whole raison d’être, however, they might just not be big enough for you and your party. Since it’s rather difficult to book a villa by yourself because of the daily rates, luxury vacationers tend to share the property with some of their friends in order to split the costs. Chances are that you won’t be staying in a villa alone, so you need to be sure that it is big enough for you and your friends before booking one.

Do I need any extra services?

If you think that you might need some extra services such as a chef or a butler to be present in the property during your stay, you need to make up your mind before agreeing to book the villa. This way you’ll get a better impression of the extra costs.